Our PTO Leaders

Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents and teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. Interested in open board positions? Contact us!



President Shannon Finley



The President presides over meetings, serves as the primary contact between the PTO and the school administration, and coordinates the work of all the Board and Chair persons. The president also works closely with administration to plan and set up for Information Day in August.


Shannon Finley is in her 3rd year as President, after serving 3 years as Secretary for a total of 6 years on the PTO Board! Because the VP of Fundraising position has been unfilled this year, Shannon has also filled those responsibilities, including Fun Run and coordinating Teacher Grants. She has managed all these responsibilities, and occasionally more, gracefully, with the support of the rest of the PTO Board.


As this schoolyear ends, so will Shannon's time on the PTO Board. We wish her well, though she'll still be around as a Chair or all-star volunteer.


The President position will be open beginning in June.


VP- Family Events Allyson Kubat



Family Events include Family Picnic and the Carnival, and oversees Watchdog Dads. Ideally, the VP of Family Events has 1 Assistant and 5 Carnival committees (Fundraising/Donations, Raffle/Class Baskets, Games, Signage/Decorations, & Miscellaneous). Together, they plan, communicate, assemble supplies, organize donations, and document.


Allyson Kubat is our VP of Family Events. She is the Director of Workforce Management for PPLSI, Business Solutions Services. She planned a fantastic Family Picnic, is working diligently on the next Family Event, and is a great addition to our PTO team this year!


Unfortunately, Allyson doesn't have an Assistant, and commitment to the Carnival Committees was low. She's doing the work of 2 people by herself, with help from the rest of the PTO team (and knocking it out of the park!) We would love to spread her load over more people.


As this schoolyear ends, so will Allyson’s time on the PTO Board. We wish her well!


The VP of Family Events position will be open beginning in June.


Are you talented at planning, communicating, assembling supplies, organizing donations, and/or documenting? If so, join the Family Events team!!




  2nd VP- Fundraising





 Fundraising includes the coordination of fundraising events, such as the Fun Run, and participation in the committee for approving Teacher Grants. Ideally the VP of Fundraising has 1 Assistant and the Chair of Restaurants who work together to raise funds for Washington Irving.


Currently, the position of VP of Fundraising is unfilled, and the responsibilities have largely fallen on our President, who has managed it all gracefully, with some help from the rest of the PTO team!


The Assistant to VP Position is also currently unfilled.


Do you understand Fundraising and/or Grants? Are you talented at communicating with companies, such as Boosterthon? Are you willing to give this a try, with support from the PTO team?


3rd VP- Membership Laura Lathrop



The VP of Membership prepares meeting agendas, ensures all meetings are conducted in accordance to our Bylaws, and recruits and schedules volunteers for WIPTO events, as requested by the leaders of each event.


Laura Lathrop is serving her 2nd year as the VP of Membership; She is the Children and Family Minister at Northwest Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. She has enjoyed meeting many of you at meetings and events, and matching your faces to your names from Sign Up Geniuses.



Director of Homeroom Moms Claudia Stratton




The Director of Homeroom Parents communicates with the 70 Homeroom Parents of Washington Irving about guidelines of a Homeroom Parent, upcoming class parties, PTO volunteer opportunities, etc. for the Homeroom Parents to then communicate with the class. The Director of Homeroom Parents also manages the Favorites Lists of all of the Staff, manages the lottery for parents attending parties, and oversees the Chair positions of Coookie Phantom (birthday treats for staff members), Staff Appreciation, and Yearbook.


Claudia Stratton is our Director of Homeroom Parents for her 4th year. She is the Health Aid for Edmond Public Schools, dividing her time between Washington Irving and Ida Freeman Elementary schools. She has contributed her time and energy to all of the PTO events, tends to be the one to keep meetings moving, and is a key asset to our PTO team!


As this schoolyear ends, so will Cladia’s time on the PTO Board. We wish her well, though she'll still be around as a Chair or all-star volunteer.


The Director of Homeroom Parents position will be open beginning in June.





  Director of Student Events



Student Events include the Spirit Store(s) and the Holiday Store. Ideally, the Director of Student Events has 2 Assistants, 1 for the Spirit Store and 1 for the Holiday Store. Together they plan, purchase, price, set up, and manage the stores.


Unfortunately, the Assistants for Spirit Store and Holiday Store are unfilled. 


The Director of Student Events position is now open.


Are you talented at planning, purchasing, pricing, setting up, and/or managing stock? If so, join the Student Events team!!





  Secretary Ashely Drees




The Secretary takes and records minutes at all meetings, including voting, and conducts all necessary correspondence of the organization, such as sending PTO announcements for Wolf Notes. The Secretary also oversees the Flowerbeds, which are currently maintained by Megan Sutton.


Ashley Drees is our Secretary this year. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Integrated Therapy Solutions of Oklahoma. We are thankful she joined us at the beginning of this school year and has been a great addition to our PTO team!




  Emily Deacon



The Treasurer watches the PTO bank account diligently, receives and maintains custody of all funds of the WIPTO, keeps record of all receipts and expenditures–including reconciling bank statements, pays out funds in accordance with the approved general budget and the approved event budgets as authorized by the Executive Board, files sanctioning paperwork annually, and files taxes. The Treasurer also answers any questions regarding money income and money spent.


It's a big responsibility, and Emily Deacon is in her 2nd year of Treasurer, handling it all gracefully! She is an essential part of our PTO team!


Periodically, she needs a few people independent of the PTO Board to aid in the Financial Yearly Review (no financial background required). If this is something that sounds interesting to you, contact Emily Deacon.




Assistant to Fundraising- Open Position 
Assistant to Family Events- Open Position
Assistant to Student Events/Spirit Store- Open Position
Cookie Phantom - Julie Onstot
--coordinates the treats that are given to teachers and staff members on their birthday
Flowerbeds-  Megan Sutton: megan_i@hotmail.com
--tends to the flower beds at the front of the school. Coordinates with the WOW team and orders paving stones for the Butterfly Garden.
PALS Workroom- Jenny Wiggers: jenwiggers@hotmail.com 
--keeps the workroom stocked and organized, recruits and coordinates volunteers including a training day for volunteers, and coordinates the fulfillment of teacher work order requests.
Spirit Apparel- Brittany Garcia: wiptospiritapparel@gmail.com
--coordinates the designing, ordering, and selling of school apparel.
Staff Appreciation- Kelsey Clift: essential.kelsey@gmail.com 
--organizes and coordinates all teacher/staff appreciation events, including but not limited to dinners, lunches, and gifts that are scheduled throughout the year.
Watch D.O.G.S-  Megan Sutton: megan_i@hotmail.com
--coordinates with administration and gathers volunteers for the Watch D.O.G.S.
Yearbook - Marilyn Hutcheson
--coordinates event photography and marketing
Restaurant Nights- Ginger Sutton: wiptospiritnights@gmail.com
--schedules and communicates all restaurant nights via flyers, wolf notes, and social media.